perjantai 17. joulukuuta 2010

Christmas wish number 18

That I would start to write (also) in English.

Today's Christmas wish comes from my boyfriend. He doesn't speak (nor read) Finnish, so he doesn't understand what I write in my blog. He have said that it would be nice to read my writings every once in a while. So that means I should write in English.

That doesn't sound very tempting, though. I think my sentences are simple and vocabulary is kind of basic, so I couldn't write the same style that I do in Finnish. I like to write goofy sentences and sometimes play with words, but that doesn't come naturally if I have to write in English.

So. I don't think that I will make that wish come true. At least I won't start writing entirely in English. Maybe I could try to add few sentences translation in the end of every post, like some bloggers seem to do. I promise to think about that. :P

But now I have to think about vegetables and dip. There will be sauna evening of our class today. It will be a bring-dish party and me and Room-mate will bring veggies and dip sauce. Yummy.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

quite interesting but think its fair enough...... :p

Paola kirjoitti...

joo it is. fair enough.^^*